Featured Stockist: El Mercado

April 28, 2010

Located on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, El Mercado carries on the tradition of offering unique streetwear & skate apparel and we are pleased to have them present the full Broadcast Skateboarding line. The guys behind the counter are friendly and informed, so drop in and check the shop out. If you’re not in LA, you can still purchase available items through their website at elmercadoonline.com


Introducing Billy Davenport (You’ll Want to Remember This Name)

April 23, 2010

While the government has been preparing to launch the X-37B top secret space craft, Broadcast has been preparing to launch its own form of secret weapon: Billy Davenport. Zoom back to last weekend: the First Annual Make-A-Wish Skate Jam at Hollenbeck Skate Park. Some of the attendees were Eric Koston, Lance Mountain, Darrel Stanton, Mark Appleyard, Steve Berra, Chris Pastras, Jeremy Wray, Gareth Stehr, Danny Supa, Johnny Layton, Malcom Watson, Theotis Beasley, Andrew Pott, Levi Brown, and many others. Even P-Rod and Sheckler showed up for some interviews, but I ain’t gonna talk about those cats. The one really worth mentioning is Broadcast Am Billy Davenport. Before the contest, friends of Billy already knew that he ripped; but after the contest, he has become a household name amongst not only those who were in attendance, but also anyone who has received word of his refrigerator-high frontslide flips off the wedge, bigspin boardslides down the rail, nollie heelflips, long-arse front crooks, quick and smooth back blunts, yada yada. He was gobbling it all up like some kind of hungry cereal box mascot, and despite the aforementioned VIP list, all eyes were on Billy Davenport for most of the day. Photos are courtesy of whatever website we pulled them from (can’t remember). Thanks guys, and congrats to Billy for receiving the unprompted but well deserved Overall Ripper Award. Watch the video here.

Kevin Coakley, Questioned

April 19, 2010

The boys over at SLAP Magazine sat Mr. Coakley down for a little chat. Click the image below to read Kevin’s interview as he discusses the new Blueprint video, being the first American dude on the British brand, and why he’s got so much love for Boston. Kevin is cool.

Skateboarder Magazine Make-A-Wish Skate Jam

April 14, 2010

What are you going to do this Saturday? Nothing but this: get in your busted-ass vehicle, drive to the Hollenbeck park in Los Angeles,  enjoy a day of hanging with your favorite brands, and watch the Make-A-Wish Skate Jam & Best Trick Contest. Be sure to stop by the Broadcast booth and use the keyword “hello” to receive a cool high-five. Special thanks to everyone at Skateboarder Magazine for helping to put this event together, because a good cause combined with skating is always awesome. Proceeds to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A GQ Interview and Six Tricks with Sir Patrick Melcher

April 14, 2010

The fine folks over at 2HeadedHorse present to you this visual delight starring Broadcaster Patrick Melcher. Can you find Waldo Gareth? And if you roll like Melcher, you get interviewed for GQ and shiz. Check his Gentleman Quarterly interview here.

Day In The Life: Dan Murphy

April 14, 2010

We’re down for the Foundation team, and we are certainly down with the crew at Backdoor Skate Shop. So it goes without saying that we wanted to share this little video they done posted over at Transworld.

They’re Here

April 13, 2010

Next Weekend in Los Angeles

April 12, 2010

Next Thursday, April 22nd, Gareth Stehr and several of our other friends will be participating in Modern Primitives, a group exhibit to benefit Earth Day. A few days after that, Blueprint Skateboards will be hosting the Los Angeles premiere of Make Friends With The Color Blue. You know that Kevin Coakley’s part is going to amaze, and of course Paul Shier has been working hard on making sure this is one of the best videos you’ll ever watch.

Broadcast Yo Self: Mike Steinkamp (MARCH CHAMPION)

April 12, 2010

Broadcast Yo Self is the moving-picture catalyst by which we allegorically open our doors to the public and allow shredders from around the world the chance to be featured on our website. Each month we will sift through our submissions (to submit, simply send us your YouTube or Vimeo link on this page) and choose one unlucky brute to partake in the awesomeness that will be known throughout cyber eternity as Broadcast YoSelf. It’s certainly not going to make anybody famous, but we want the 2 or 3 people that check our website each month to enjoy some fresh content. In addition to the dishonor of appearing on thisisabroadcast.com, the winning skater each month will receive a Broadcast T-shirt. Plus you’re going to start getting phone calls from potential odorant sponsors and babes in tinfoil bikinis. So congratulations Mike Steinkamp, you’ve got yourself a new tee. Check back in a few to see next month’s winner.

Shane Cox: Point A to Point B

April 12, 2010

As long as he keeps sending us photos as legit as this, Shane is always going to be Welcome on our blog. Photo by Brian Walnum