Introducing Billy Davenport (You’ll Want to Remember This Name)

While the government has been preparing to launch the X-37B top secret space craft, Broadcast has been preparing to launch its own form of secret weapon: Billy Davenport. Zoom back to last weekend: the First Annual Make-A-Wish Skate Jam at Hollenbeck Skate Park. Some of the attendees were Eric Koston, Lance Mountain, Darrel Stanton, Mark Appleyard, Steve Berra, Chris Pastras, Jeremy Wray, Gareth Stehr, Danny Supa, Johnny Layton, Malcom Watson, Theotis Beasley, Andrew Pott, Levi Brown, and many others. Even P-Rod and Sheckler showed up for some interviews, but I ain’t gonna talk about those cats. The one really worth mentioning is Broadcast Am Billy Davenport. Before the contest, friends of Billy already knew that he ripped; but after the contest, he has become a household name amongst not only those who were in attendance, but also anyone who has received word of his refrigerator-high frontslide flips off the wedge, bigspin boardslides down the rail, nollie heelflips, long-arse front crooks, quick and smooth back blunts, yada yada. He was gobbling it all up like some kind of hungry cereal box mascot, and despite the aforementioned VIP list, all eyes were on Billy Davenport for most of the day. Photos are courtesy of whatever website we pulled them from (can’t remember). Thanks guys, and congrats to Billy for receiving the unprompted but well deserved Overall Ripper Award. Watch the video here.

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