Casual Business: Broadcast Flow Rider Lucas Erlebach

June 28, 2010

The homies back in Boise are doing a great job of representing. Check out Lucas’ video part for the new Prestige Skateshop video Casual Business. And then get off the bloody computer and go skate or something.

Anyone Remember This Photo?

June 28, 2010

This spot has since been further demoralized, but long before spot-checking and over-production was standard faire, Kris and Dan got together to shoot a photo that would forever haunt many skateboarders who would undoubtedly recall this image any time they sat perched atop a gap. Thanks to the folks at The Chrome Ball Incident for pulling this scan from the archives. TCBI is one of our favorite blogs so if you haven’t already paid them a recent visit, we encourage you to do so. Like, now.

Skating While Waiting: Joel, Todd, and Jeremy NY Edit

June 24, 2010

Joel Meinholz and the Brothers Jordan getting some quality skate time in the city. See what you can accomplish whilst you wait for your lunch?

Typical Culture Checks In With Shane Cox

June 22, 2010

The dudes at always have something good going on. This week they did an interview with Shane Cox, and it’s definitely blogworthy material.  Oh, and here is a product review they did on our urethane a long time ago that we forgot to post. Photos below by Brian Walnum and Ray Zimmerman. Three thumbs up for Shane!

Get Off The Computer and Go Skateboarding Today

June 21, 2010

You shouldn’t need an excuse to go skateboarding, but if you are lacking the motivation just consider the sound of millions of urethane wheels rolling on the pavement across the world today. The first day of Summer: a perfect day to skip school or call your boss and tell him you’re sick because you need to meet your friends at the spot. Here is some inspiration to get you psyched. Have fun.

KCDC Skate Vid Teaser

June 17, 2010

Danny Falla and the boys at KCDC have been busy putting the final touches on their new video. It’s gonna be good, so click here to peep the trailer.

Gareth Stehr Juice Magazine Interview

June 14, 2010

Steve Olson recently interviewed Gareth Stehr for the latest issue of JUICE Magazine. We suggest that you pick up a copy and check it out because Steve has a bitchin way of interviewing skaters that really reveals how much they love skating. There are some rad never-before-seen photos of Gareth, too. He also talks about his art, what it was like growing up skating in New Zealand, and how he paid his own way to the United States to embark on his journey to skate every day.

Gareth Stehr, Alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”Gareth Stehr Alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”

Shiloh Greathouse and The Killing Moon

June 3, 2010

To this day, people still talk about how inspiring this video part is. If you haven’t already seen it (or even if you have), we suggest you grab a glass of Ovaltine, kick back, and watch one of the nicest guys in skateboarding destroy a surplus of spots. Shiloh Greathouse is one cool cat. Footage courtesy of Transworld Media.

Joel Meinholz by Todd Jordan

June 3, 2010

Joel Meinholz Shot by Todd JordanTodd Jordan, Tino Razo, Neckface, Jerry Hsu, Kevin “Spanky” Long, and Aaron Bondaroff have a pretty cool photo project called Now I Remember. The above specimen is a Todd Jordan photo of Joel Meinholz transporting himself up and over some pesky obstacles.