NEW Filmer Wheels Coming Soon…

August 30, 2010

People have been asking us to make a really good Cruiser Wheel for a long time, and we can no longer disregard the distraught pleading of industry filmers and other leisurehounds looking for a smoother ride. With months of product testing and feedback from hardworking skate filmers and random dudes cruising to the candy store, we have developed a soft-durometer skate tire that will keep you rolling through the messiest of situations. The pleasantly soft yet speedy wheels that you’ve been anxiously waiting for will be available in our Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog, dropping in a few weeks.

Connor And His Nasty Parlour Tricks

August 28, 2010

Big ups to BRDCST am Connor Getzlaff for his recent pageantry on The Skateboard Mag website with this “howdy neighbor!” front blunt at you-know-where. When everyone else has gone home, Connor is still skating. Photo by Richard, Courtesy of TSM.

Photo: Richard

Transworld Skate & Create

August 24, 2010

We always look forward to the TWS Skate & Create video competition. This year we gotta give props to the crew at Etnies for recreating the indoor World Industries park and filming a fun session in Hi-8. Broadcaster Shiloh Greathouse had a nice little cameo. It’ll make you want to check your calendar and count back to 1993. This is one of the many reasons why we love skateboarding. And we love this, too. Coverage courtesy of Transworld & Etnies.

Prototypical Broadcast

August 21, 2010

Right now you are looking at some early prototype Team Originals wheels that were created for the Broadcast pro riders. In a couple of weeks, the entire new Fall/Winter 2010 line will be dropping, including the final result of this amazing wheel. You’ll want to be at your local skateshop when it does, because people are talking. As you can tell, we are nerdy about wheels. You gotta have good wheels.

Brian Lotti: Now, Later, and The Chrome Ball Incident

August 16, 2010

Brian Lotti is a first-class guy. A pure skate technician. How many other skaters have received this type of praise from the one and only John Cardiel? If you haven’t already seen Brian’s part in Now N Later, or if it has been a while since you’ve watched it, we suggest you sit your arse down and study the skills of the proprietor of the big spin. Yep, that’s right: Mr. Lottery brought you the Bigspin like Mugatu brought you the piano key necktie. The reason we mention this all here is because Lotti is the subject of the latest Chrome Ball Interview. Style never fades, rust never sleeps. Man, lately I’m feeling just about as cushiony as the citizen on patrol lady in this photo.

Brian Lotti

Million, Billion, Trillion, Centillion

August 14, 2010

If this is the level of skating that is passed off as merely “worth mentioning… but honorably”, I think the future is looking mighty bright. Or on the other hand, maybe it is a sign of skate society reaching a dark zenith that it has reached before, prior to collapse. Like the idea that a star is brightest right before it explodes into a million pieces from overcombustion. Sometimes I pretend that because of the complexity and advancement of trick skating, the entire concept of maneuver-based skating will eat itself and digress (or progress) back to the initial skateboarding palette of carving, knee cruising, and miniature ollies, once again establishing the truth that we are all just a bunch of kids looking for something fun to do (regardless of how long we have been skating or how “good” we are at doing it).  Maybe I am just thinking too much and I should just enjoy this rad montage from our friends at SLAP Magazine, featuring the talents of a hundreds of skaters fighting for the title of One In A Million. Enjoy your weekend.

Broadcast Yo Self: Elan Limor (AUGUST CHAMPION)

August 13, 2010

Hey buttfaces it’s Friday the 13th. A perfect day to reveal the champion of Augusts Broadcast Yo Self event. Grab a cold glass of juice and watch this kid rip. Congrats homeee!

Documentation: John Cardiel

August 11, 2010

“Nearly 15 years ago I came across a photo of Cards in the magazine (I think it was Thrasher, but I could be wrong) where he was holding this mourning dove and had a big grin in typical Cardiel style. It was awesome and really stuck out to me so I tried to redraw it back when I was first learning to draw portraits. John Cardiel was one of my favorite skaters then, and he still is today. It’s obvious that this rendition was from my sloppy memory… and for some reason I took the liberty of adding braces to his already well-arranged grill. Maybe I had braces at the time? I’m kind of embarrassed at how I drew him and that I don’t even remember who took the photo but I still think it’s kind of cool.” — Kelly D. Williams

Maybe I had braces when I drew this (more…)

In a Buffalo Stance

August 11, 2010