Brian Lotti Interview & Art Feature

July 26, 2012

Lotti’s been busy! He was recently featured in 7Capas Magazine and just completed this little collaboration with Lucky Brand. Enjoy…


July 7, 2012

Brian Lotti sent this most excellent photo of his artistic handywork serving as the visual backdrop to ours. For more photos, check us out on Instagram @broadcastwheels

SLAP Magazine: Brian Lotti Answers SLAP PALS Questions

May 18, 2012

Parts I and II of Brian Lotti’s SLAP PALS QUESTIONS interview are posted here.

Abby Portner x Brian Lotti For Broadcast

October 11, 2011

Abby Portner and Broadcast produced this short video featuring the skateboarding of Broadcast Team Rider and Corespondent, Brian Lotti. Special thanks to everyone who made this little project possible. For more information, visit

Brian Lotti On The Crail Couch

October 10, 2011

Broadcast team rider Brian Lotti on the Crail Couch with some old war stories, including the fabled team roster of what would have been one of the best companies in the history of skateboarding. For more on Brian Lotti, click here.

The Berrics Features Broadcast (Part 1 of 2)

September 13, 2011

“In the early 90’s a dozen companies, armed with very little money, a lot of hard work and a refusal to fail, rose from the ashes of the recession to become the established brands you know today. Now, in the greatest economic hardship our planet has seen since The Great Depression, it seems history is repeating itself. New companies and new projects are surfacing weekly. Trajectory is our way of introducing to you these initiatives as well as the people who have the courage to throw caution in the wind and not be afraid to have it blow back and hit them square in the teeth. Here is Broadcast part one.”  — Steve Berra

Melcher Gets Maloof’d Plus Archived Lotti Video

July 11, 2011

Patrick Melcher is the latest subject of Maloof Money Cup’s Board Meeting series. He discusses some of his favorite board graphics, one of which was painted for him by Brian Lotti. Speaking of Brian Lotti, you should also kick back and enjoy this video he directed which stars the aforementioned Melch.

Git Yer Hipster Killers While They Last

May 13, 2011

This fresh batch of Hipster Killer 53mm’s have been selling out in record time. If you know what’s good, order a set immediately. Wondering where to get them? Active is currently featuring Broadcast as the Spotlight Brand, so be sure to visit the official Active Blog and check out some great Broadcast-related content. Photo by Brian Lotti.

TV Party

May 9, 2011

Spike Jonze, Brian Lotti, Salman Agah, Vista TheatreThe Vista Theater in Los Angeles was recently filled with legendary skate videographers and fans alike who all came out in support of Patrick O’dell and his Skate Video Night. What happens when Salman Agah, Spike Jonze, and Brian Lotti come together? Furthermore, bring properly prolific panelists Ed Templeton, Greg Hunt, Stacy Peralta, Rick Howard, Lance Mountain, and Tobin Yelland to the stage and you have a room full of enough creative energy to blow the electricity in the theatre. Coincidentally, the Messenger 56mm cruisers make for some excellent wheels on Lotti’s new camera dolly rigging.

The Berrics Trajectory Presents Telegraph Episode 3/3

March 18, 2011

This creative new company by Mr. Brian Lotti should require no introduction, but The Berrics did an excellent job of bringing Telegraph Skateboards to the stage with this three-part Trajectory series. With our good friend Lotti at the artistic controls and an ambitious team of young skate talent, Telegraph is sending a great message and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks to the Berrics for this motivating series about small brands like ours.