Paul Shier Interview

April 27, 2013

Shier-backlip-one“We all know about Paul Shier’s recent departure from Blueprint… And of course, good things come to those who wait. We recently talked to Paul about the recent changes to his life, cycling with Colin Kennedy and playing the narrator. Enjoy.” Interview by Stephen Cox, photos by Sam Ashley and Mark Baines. Click here or the image above to read the full interview.

Lotti Talks Blueline

April 27, 2013


This isn’t necessarily hot off the presses, but here is a brief interview with Brian Lotti as he discusses his short film Blueline that we featured a while back. Check the full interview at

Jeremy Holmes Interview

January 4, 2013


The latest issue of Skate Jawn includes some new photos of Jeremy Holmes and an interview. Click here to check it out. We also suggest you pick up a copy of the actual zine at your local shop.

French Interview

November 28, 2012

Native Skate Shop in the UK just posted a great little interview with Broadcast ambassador and art contributor French. Check it out here.

Color Magazine Interviews Ethan Fowler

June 13, 2011

To discuss the topics of skateboarding, rock, and the overlap of the two, Color Magazine interviewed Ethan Fowler. Sauerkraut skate rock supernaut. In other words, Ethan is seriously cool. Visit for more.

Nolan Johnson Skateboard Mag Interview

February 12, 2010

If you haven’t had a chance to check some of Nolan’s semi-recent coverage from The Skateboard Mag, we highly suggest that you do. Nolan now lives in Seattle, and eats copious amounts of candy and soda to stay healthy and strong for the rigors of the skate season. Long after the other shredders fall off the charts due to alcoholism or discouragement, Nolan will still be skating (and doing it how he wants to) and still having fun. Read more over at >>