Jeremy Holmes Interview

January 4, 2013


The latest issue of Skate Jawn includes some new photos of Jeremy Holmes and an interview. Click here to check it out. We also suggest you pick up a copy of the actual zine at your local shop.

Jeremy Holmes Interview

June 6, 2011

This must be the week for interviews! Forget about Maloof and all that crap, head over to an independent voice in skateboarding, True Skateboard Mag for a sweet interview with Jeremy Holmes. After reading about his shared affinity for one of our favorite flicks Gleaming The Cube, it becomes very clear why he skates so effing fast. Read more >>

Jeremy Holmes Enters The Pro Ranks

November 3, 2010

We would like to extend a special congratulations to Jeremy Holmes on turning Pro! Holmes has been wreaking serious havoc on a long list of rarely seen skate spots to put this little video clip together. Click here to become a believer.

Jeremy Holmes Pro Party

Typical Culture Photo Issue

September 13, 2010

Typical Culture just posted their 8th Photo Issue, and we suggest you go check out the rad photos of Broadcasters Jeremy Holmes (photo below by Jack Williams), Connor Getzlaff, and Shane Cox. Needless to say, we are pretty proud of these guys!

Meet The Team

March 16, 2010

Alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”In case you haven’t noticed, there is an ever-growing tribe of talented skaters choosing to roll with Broadcast. Most recently we have added Patrick Melcher, Jeremy Holmes, Nolan Johnson, and Billy Davenport to the team. Why have these guys decided to support Broadcast and what is their urethane of choice? Ask them yourself.

Catching Up With Jeremy Holmes

February 20, 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, Jeremy Holmes has been holding it down for the past 12 months. With a tech/silky style reminiscent of many of our heroes in Mouse, it’s obvious that Holmes pays special attention to detail and gets things done properly. Take a moment to catch up with his Skateboard Mag Minute, his HYPE! video promo, and most recently, his feature on the Captain & Casey Show. If you’re like me and can barely stomach the Captain & Casey Show, just FFWD to 3:00 and enjoy. It’s likely that you’re going to want to walk right out the door and go skating.