Brian Lotti for Broadcast Skateboarding

Name: Brian Lotti

Location: East of California

Sponsors: Stacks Skateboards, Broadcast Wheels, Real California Milk not treated with RSBT

Favorite video: Bones Brigade video show, Future Primitive

Current setup: Telegraph 8.25 deck, Broadcast 53mm preserves, Gullwing magnesium carbo lites

Stance: Regular switch, mongo push

Music: Oldies, classic rock, really classic rock, classical, nouvea wave, Fugazi, Beasties, Wheaties

Broadcast wheel of choice: First edition 53mm Hipster Killers that are a light, highly unsaturated blue

If you only had one meal to eat: Seven to nine course french meal served to the south of Paris, lasting 4 hours, complete with wine and stories

First experience skating and why you don’t quit: My aunt sent me a Sure-Grip Zoner complete one Christmas. Around the same time I got lost on river tubing trip and had to walk through someone’s backyard and pass by a perfect miniramp in someone’s barn, littered with pads and fluorescent colored skateboard decks. No one was home and I never could find that house with the ramp again, but I saw the Bones Brigade video show and then the Transworld street issue came out. It was on. I keep skating because it still feels good and I dig the wily connection to my board and the world

Words: (To self) Skating and making pictures are invigorating, but where’s the farmer’s market?

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