Connor Getzlaff for Broadcast Skateboarding

Name: Connor Getzlaff

Location: San Diego, CA

Sponsors: Foundation Skateboards, Route 44, Broadcast Wheels, Gullwing, Paradox Grip, Roughneck Hardware

Current setup: 8.5 Foundation deck, 149 Gullwings, Roughneck bearings, 55mm Broadcast Team Original wheels

Stance: Goofy

Music: Tom Waits, Iron Maiden

Broadcast wheel of choice: 58mm Broadcast Plus Sizes!!

If you only had one meal to eat: Anything my girlfriend makes. Best food ever

First experience skating and why you don’t quit: My older brother got me into skateboarding, my dad had this old board, and we had a snoopy scooter and took the handlebars off of it. That’s my first memory of skateboarding. I wouldn’t quit skateboarding because its what I love to do the most, I can never stop thinking about it.

Words: Harness the gnarness

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