Danny Falla for Broadcast Skateboarding

Name: Danny Falla

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Sponsors: 5boro skateboards, Adidas, Matix, Brixton, KCDC Skateshop, Paradox Grip, Rockstar Bearings, Broadcast Wheels

Favorite skate video: Plan B Virtual Reality, Goldfish

Current setup: 5boro deck, Thunder 145 Highs, 51mm Savants Broadcast wheels, Rockstar abec-5 bearings, Paradox grip

Stance: Goofy

Broadcast wheel of choice: Broadcast 51mm Savants

City or country life: City

If you only had one meal to eat: White rice, mashed potatoes n chicken

First experience skating and why you don’t quit: Growing up skatin in Peru when I was a little kid, watching my older brother skate with his friends and I just wanted to be like him. And goin to the skatepark and skatin back instead of taking the bus and trying to catch up to him and his crew that were older. So rad. I don’t quit because quitters never win.

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