Kevin Coakley for Broadcast Skateboarding

Name: Kevin Coakley

Location: Boston, MA

Sponsors: Blueprint Skateboards, Elwood (flow), Lakai (flow), Broadcast Wheels, Magical gogo, Orchard Skateshop

Favorite skate video: Blueprint’s Lost and Found

Current setup: 7.875″ Blueprint deck, Indy’s, Broadcast 52mm wheels, Magical gogo bearings

Stance: Goofy

Music: Jay Reatard

Broadcast wheel of choice: Broadcast 52mm Crop Circles

City or country life: City life, of course.

If you only had one meal to eat: Chicken katsu curry

First experience skating and why you don’t quit: My good friend had a mini ramp in his back yard, I dropped in and went head first into the other transition. I couldn’t quit if I tried… I will find myself on a board for as long as I can.

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