Paul Shier for Broadcast Skateboarding

Name: Paul Shier

Location: Londongeles

Sponsors: Blueprint Skateboards, Domestics Clothing, DVS Shoes, Broadcast Wheels, Diamond Supply, The Armory, Remind Insoles

Favorite skate video: Make Friends With The Color Blue, the next Blueprint video coming April 2010

Current setup: 8 in. Blueprint board, Independent trucks, Broadcast Wheels 51mm, Swiss Bearings

Stance: Goofy

Music: No discrimination, it all gets a play on the pod

Broadcast wheel of choice: 51mm Savants

City or country life: I got to have a bit of both at all times.

If you only had one meal to eat: English roast dinner, roast beef, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, peas, parsnips, yorkshire pudding and gravy

First experience skating and why you don’t quit: Saw some kid at school with a neon blue and pink Rob Roskopp and was taken back by it. Haven’t stopped once since that day. Impossible to quit something you enjoy doing everyday, no reason to ever quit.

Words: Learn to be patient

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