Zach Lyons  

Name: Zach Lyons

Location: Baltimore, MD

Sponsors: Magenta, COALATREE, Bones swiss, Broadcast, Bohtz Bolts, Pitcrew

Favorite skate video: 1st & Hope by Brian Lotti

Current setup: Magenta 7.75 Leo Valls, Thunders, Broadcast 52mm Wheels, Bones Swiss Bearings

Stance: Regular

Music: Big Mouth, Old Indian, Assatuge

Broadcast wheel of choice: Broadcast Shier’s Choice 52mm

City or country life: City life now, country life later

If you only had one meal to eat: PIZZA!

First experience skating and why you don’t quit: Red banana board found by my brother in our basement, strictly knee board style. I still find true enjoyment out of it.

Words: “Powers are for the weak. I have no powers. I mean, unless you count the power to blow minds with my weapons-grade philosophical insights.”

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