Broadcast Available At Stable In The UK

April 21, 2011

Broadcast is proud to announce a partnership with Stable Distribution in the United Kingdom. Along with new brands Fabric and Telegraph Skateboards, The full Broadcast product line will be available throughout the UK. To book your order, email In related news, stay tuned for another exciting team announcement.

Broadcast Wheels Giveaway At True Skateboard Mag

February 12, 2011

You need some new urethane, and whether you’re a Broadcast brand buff or just a skate nerd in general, you can win some free wheels simply by answering a few questions at True Skateboard Mag. Good luck!

Fresh Produce Available At El Mercado

January 20, 2011

El Mercado in Los Angeles is a great spot to get the new Broadcast apparel. They have nearly the entire Winter 2011 softgoods line available, so click this and check it out.

Broadcast Now Available in Norway Thru Distroy

October 4, 2010

We are honored to announce a recent distribution agreement with Norway’s favorite new skate supply, Distroy. Along with quality brands Modus and 5Boro, Broadcast is finally available in all Nordic countries. Shops can refer to our list of International Distributors to locate a Broadcast supplier in your region. A while back Aristotle said “The man in contemplation is a free man… he does whatever he loves to do, and what he does is done for its own sake.” Think about it or don’t, but at least go skate something good today.

It’s Effing Awesome That AWSM Thinks We Are Kind Of Awesome And Really Rad That RAD COLLECTOR Might Concur

October 1, 2010

Two of our favorite website magazines were rad and awesome enough to feature Broadcast this week. The wheels shown above are the premium-grade Super Selects 52’s. We’ll talk more about those later… We are honored because despite Broadcast being a really small brand, we are bloody appreciative of the support we have been getting from peoples that we admire. Tom Hank you!

NEW Filmer Wheels Coming Soon…

August 30, 2010

People have been asking us to make a really good Cruiser Wheel for a long time, and we can no longer disregard the distraught pleading of industry filmers and other leisurehounds looking for a smoother ride. With months of product testing and feedback from hardworking skate filmers and random dudes cruising to the candy store, we have developed a soft-durometer skate tire that will keep you rolling through the messiest of situations. The pleasantly soft yet speedy wheels that you’ve been anxiously waiting for will be available in our Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog, dropping in a few weeks.

Prototypical Broadcast

August 21, 2010

Right now you are looking at some early prototype Team Originals wheels that were created for the Broadcast pro riders. In a couple of weeks, the entire new Fall/Winter 2010 line will be dropping, including the final result of this amazing wheel. You’ll want to be at your local skateshop when it does, because people are talking. As you can tell, we are nerdy about wheels. You gotta have good wheels.

Slam City Skates (New Merch)

July 15, 2010

The fine gentlemen at Slam City Skates in London just dropped some new Summer 2010 gear, including a dope co-op project with Toy Machine. Check it out when you have a moment.

Featured Stockist: El Mercado

April 28, 2010

Located on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, El Mercado carries on the tradition of offering unique streetwear & skate apparel and we are pleased to have them present the full Broadcast Skateboarding line. The guys behind the counter are friendly and informed, so drop in and check the shop out. If you’re not in LA, you can still purchase available items through their website at


The Skateboard Mag: Product Geek Approved

March 16, 2010

We all know that TSM is a legit mag. They do it right, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that they Geek’d out on the new Broadcast Wheel Company line. A biggy thanks goes out to the fine folks at The Skateboard Mag for noticing a little brand like Broadcast.

“There’s a new wheel company on the block called Broadcast, and the wheels and team are both looking good. Heavy-hitting pros like Ethan Fowler, Gareth Stehr, Paul Shier, Danny Falla, and Shiloh Greathouse are nothing to be taken lightly. And as far as the urethane goes, Broadcast has all sorts of shapes and sizes and some sweet colors to boot. Try ’em out when you get the chance.” – The Skateboard Mag.  Go to your local skate shop, pick up a copy of Issue 73 and enjoy.