Facetime with Paul Shier

April 27, 2013

paul-shier-facetimeChris Nieratko interviews Broadcast team rider Paul Shier about the glory days of Blueprint Skateboards and why he departed to start his own brand.

Paul Shier Interview

January 2, 2013


Paul’s giving the SLAP Message Boards a lot to talk about these days, including his departure from Blueprint and what his plans are next. He gave Slam City Skates an interview on New Years Eve to discuss his roots, the infamous Blueprint videos, and the future of skateboarding. Read the full interview here.

Coakley & Shier Journey To The Center Of The Earth

November 17, 2011

The Dec/Jan issue of Skateboarder includes coverage of this epic trip to Ecuador featuring Broadcast team riders Paul Shierand Kevin Coakley. Here is a short video documenting their journey… Pay close attention to the first and last lines! As always, we encourage you to skip the skewered pork and partake of the shred.

Kevin Coakley Trickipedia At The Berrics

May 31, 2011

Been wanting to clean up those fakie backside crooked grinds? Kevin Coakley shows you how it’s done over at the Berrics.

A Blueprint, A Map, And A Skateboard

April 1, 2011

A few weeks ago Paul Shier, Kevin Coakley, and Marty Murawski hit the road, bound for Ohio and Pennsylvania. As part of their Make Friends With The Midwest Tour, they visited some shops, sang some karaoke, and most importantly: skated new terrain with new friends. Add some Lucky Charms to the equation and you have the formula for fun.

Paul Shier: A Journey of Photos

July 28, 2010

Broadcast homey Paul Shier has been keeping a photojournal of his recent travels including some pics of Shier and crew in Copenhagen. Head over to blueprintskateboards.com for the full scoop.

Blueprint Skateboards CPH Photo Journal

Next Weekend in Los Angeles

April 12, 2010

Next Thursday, April 22nd, Gareth Stehr and several of our other friends will be participating in Modern Primitives, a group exhibit to benefit Earth Day. A few days after that, Blueprint Skateboards will be hosting the Los Angeles premiere of Make Friends With The Color Blue. You know that Kevin Coakley’s part is going to amaze, and of course Paul Shier has been working hard on making sure this is one of the best videos you’ll ever watch.

Make Friends With The Color Blue

March 22, 2010

This is one of those videos that people have been waiting for. In a few weeks, the new Blueprint film Make Friends With The Color Blue will be playing on silver screens everywhere.  Trust us, you’ll definitely want to check out Paul Shier’s and Kevin Coakley’s parts.  In the meantime, this trailer will have to tide you over…

Make Friends With The Color Blue, UK Tour

February 20, 2010
This new skate film from Blueprint Skateboards should be on the top of your videos-to-purchase-and-watch-daily list. Trust us, you will NOT want to just download it from some sketchy forum- this vid features the antics of Broadcast homies Paul Shier and Kevin Coakley, and it’s probably going to be one of the best flicks of the year. If you’re in the UK, this tour poster shows the dates & locations that you can make friends with the color blue. Elsewhere, visit blueprintskateboards.com for dates.